The “shake, shake, shake” diet

updated Jan 22, 2014 @ 12.20 LA Time

So I said I’d poke some fun at myself.  Let’s face it a diet where you “sprinkle” a powder onto your food to help you lose weight is a good place to start.

How many of you have heard of Sensa?  It’s dubbed the weight-loss system where you can carry on eating exactly the same as you were but you’ll lose weight.  The principle is that the “tastants” send signals to your brain to make you think you’re full sooner.  That means you eat less and lose weight.

I have to tell you it’s working.  (I know, go figure!).  I’ve now been on it now for nearly two weeks and I’ve lost three kilos.  I probably should tell you that I’m trying (really hard might I add) to cut down what I drink so instead of a glass of wine (or 2-3) a night, I’m trying to limit it to a few glasses of wine on the weekend.  So that’s probably helping.

I also have to tell you that I’m trying to choose better things to eat when I’m going out and make healthier meals at home.  Actually, not all the time.

But you can’t lose three kilos at my age in two weeks so I’m crediting the diet.  I’ll keep updating all of you interested in tracking my progress.

Here’s one of those god-awful, no make-up “before”shots so you can see what I look like two weeks in:

20140121-before pic


Now that I’m telling you I’m on the world silliest diet (I must get extra points as it’s a bit of an “LA” thing to do) I’m also setting myself up.  I’m up for it though!

If you want more information on Sensa, click on its website. I bought and found the first month’s supply at Costco but think I’ll need to buy the next month’s supply online because I can’t find it at Costco.  (Unless, Sensa, you want to send me the next month’s sprinkes for free…?)

xx It Started in LA xx

Psst … I’m not being paid for this post but am happy to be sponsored …

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