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Six weeks on the Sensa diet

I started my Sensa diet with no expectations all in the name of shedding the excess kilos I put on over Christmas and New Year.  On a whim while at Costco I thought I’d go check out the diet products to “cheat” my way into weight loss.

You can imagine my surprise when I dropped a couple of kilos in a week and then another one the week after.  A girlfriend was in town and saw for herself how my appetite was curbed so I was eating much less but still enjoying great food.  I even fit into my dress that was seemingly miles too tight for the Golden Globes.  Life was good.

Last week I reported that I hated those take-anywhere satchels so that was getting in the way of my sprinkling which caused me to put a kilo on.  I bought the normal packs again and it’s much easier to deal with again.

I’ve taken the kilo back off (most of it) but I find I’m eating more again.  My meal sizes are gradually getting bigger so my hunger (or brain trying to tell me to stop eating because I’m full) is not subsiding.  That’s a problem if this diet works on the assumption of smaller servings.

During the week a friend sent me an article saying Sensa has had to give a number of people their money back (which I had heard) and many people are saying the side-effects of this diet is fairly in the hip pocket.  I’ve tossed it up and I’m keeping the faith.

This week I’m going to drink the drinks they provide mid afternoon instead of snacking and I’m going to be more aware of my meal sizes and see if I can’t cut them down.  And I’m going to do a little more exercise.  (Now I have to because I’ve said it out loud–and in public–gulp).

So, back to taking it more seriously (instead of treating it like a miracle cure) and hopefully next week I can report that I’ve lost another kilo.

My mate Pete Evans would die if he was reading this.  I do think it’s setting a bad example that the only real way to lose weight is through eating well & exercise.  But I’m happy to keep cheating a while longer (& trying to eat better at the same time).

Before I go, here’s the progress shot.  I’ve changed outfit so it’s hard to get continuity.  I played tennis this morning (see, told you: more exercise!).

Sensa Diet

Week six of my Sensa Diet

Enjoy your week and keep smiling.

xx It Started in LA xx

For more information on Sensa go to

The best way I’ve found to buy here in the US is via Amazon:



Sensa Diet Week 5

How is it that you can go off the rails with the easiest diet in the world?  That’s a really good question and I wish I had the answer.

Actually I do have the answer.  I keep forgetting to sprinkle.  And it’s because I made a fatal mistake when buying “month two” on Amazon.  As you may recall the idea behind Sensa is you change each month, this is to stop you getting used to the taste and your body being accustomed to it–in other words you’re supposed to keep losing weight.

I accidentally bought the “on-the-go” packets instead of the shakers (well I was pretty sure it wasn’t an accident but clearly in hindsight it was).  You see there are “handy” “on-the-go” satchels that you take out but they’re not–they’re a pain in the backside (you know I’ve become localised because I didn’t say arse).  It is so much easier to bring the sprinkle container with you and sprinkle on everything you eat rather than opening a little packet and getting it everywhere.  Worse still they’re little so you can’t find it in your bag.

Sensa packets

Sensa packets

That pic is a little useless actually because it only shows how I could order the wrong thing not actually what the little packs are like but if you imagine a small sugar pack then you’re on the right track.

So my advice to you is don’t buy the little packets, sprinkle on everything and the world will be a better place.  (And you’ll be miraculously skinny).  I’ve hopped back onto Amazon bought what I should have bought in the first place and we’ll proceed as normal.

I also tried to contact the people at Sensa and let them know I was blogging my progress.  Unfortunately they only replied about where to buy their product (they recommend their website which is more expensive than on Amazon) and ignored the bit about my blog.  So I’ll have to continue un-sponsored.

Anyway here I am this week, not much of a change from last week I don’t think.  Let’s hope next week sees me back on track.

Sensa Wk 5

Sensa Wk 5


Looking for a number?  I’ve put on a kilo. Ouch!  (I do think it can be put down to that time of the month rather than real weight gain so let’s see how we go next week.)

xx It Started In LA xx

For more information on Sensa go to

The best way I’ve found to buy here in the US is via Amazon:



Sensa Diet Week 4

Today marks four weeks since I’ve been sprinkling Sensa on everything I eat.  Overall I’m feeling lighter and my tummy is not as bloated and has most definitely shrunk.  It’s a bit of a bugger I didn’t take my measurements really.  (Note to self: I probably still can now).

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you with a long prose except to say I’m still finding the diet so easy.  I had a slight hiccup on Sunday where I forgot to sprinkle but other than that the Sensa pack comes with me everywhere I go.

Sensa Diet Week 4

Sensa Diet Week 4

This week’s verdict? I’ve lost another 0.2 kilos making it a total of about three kilos since I stacked on the holiday weight in Mexico & San Francisco.  About to switch to month two so we’ll see if that kick starts it again.  Around three kilos to go …

xx It Started In LA xx



Week three of the shake-shake-shake

Places to go, people to see … I’ve got a friend in town so we’re off to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica today.  Then he’s taking a break from hanging with me and Mr Hollywood is going to take him a tour of this office.  Why am I telling you this?  This is just a quick weigh-in, no time to chat!

It’s week three of my Sensa diet and I’ve been shaking it over everything I eat, attracting attention everywhere I go.  So, cut to the chase.  It’s weigh in day & I’ve put on 0.3 kilos.  Doh!

On Sunday I was a bit slack and didn’t shake over all my food so that could be a contributing factor.  Bugger it.  Not happy Jan.

I’m going to give it more time, buy the next month’s supply and drink the orange drink they provide in the pack when I get hungry mid afternoon instead of eating.

Here’s the pic of me, it doesn’t look too different to last week. Hopefully next week will be a better report.

20140129-wk3 pic

Week three


I don’t know maybe I actually look like I’ve lost a bit of weight. What do you think?

xx It Started in LA xx


The “shake, shake, shake” diet

updated Jan 22, 2014 @ 12.20 LA Time

So I said I’d poke some fun at myself.  Let’s face it a diet where you “sprinkle” a powder onto your food to help you lose weight is a good place to start.

How many of you have heard of Sensa?  It’s dubbed the weight-loss system where you can carry on eating exactly the same as you were but you’ll lose weight.  The principle is that the “tastants” send signals to your brain to make you think you’re full sooner.  That means you eat less and lose weight.

I have to tell you it’s working.  (I know, go figure!).  I’ve now been on it now for nearly two weeks and I’ve lost three kilos.  I probably should tell you that I’m trying (really hard might I add) to cut down what I drink so instead of a glass of wine (or 2-3) a night, I’m trying to limit it to a few glasses of wine on the weekend.  So that’s probably helping.

I also have to tell you that I’m trying to choose better things to eat when I’m going out and make healthier meals at home.  Actually, not all the time.

But you can’t lose three kilos at my age in two weeks so I’m crediting the diet.  I’ll keep updating all of you interested in tracking my progress.

Here’s one of those god-awful, no make-up “before”shots so you can see what I look like two weeks in:

20140121-before pic


Now that I’m telling you I’m on the world silliest diet (I must get extra points as it’s a bit of an “LA” thing to do) I’m also setting myself up.  I’m up for it though!

If you want more information on Sensa, click on its website. I bought and found the first month’s supply at Costco but think I’ll need to buy the next month’s supply online because I can’t find it at Costco.  (Unless, Sensa, you want to send me the next month’s sprinkes for free…?)

xx It Started in LA xx

Psst … I’m not being paid for this post but am happy to be sponsored …

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