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November 2015 in LA

My monthly newsletter has been gasping for air but this month’s issue has managed to see the light of day. This month covers September and October 2015 and what went down in LA during this time.

Summer in LA

I’ve wrapped two months into one.  The summer holidays are here and there is plenty to do.  My meal at Curtis Stone’s Maude restaurant was enough to launch me into food blogging.  We also had the most amazing roadtrip going to Yosemite and Death Valley confirming we are in fact very lucky people.

May in LA

May saw the launch of my series checking out Beverly Hills Hotel.

My other professional highlight was being honoured with the Liebster award for Blogging.  It’s so hard to get your Blog out there amongst the millions (I wonder how many Blogs there actually are in the world?) out there in the cyberspace.  To think one lovely Blogger found my blog amongst all others (thinking needle in a haystack) and nominated me is amazing.

April in LA

This Month in LA has been action-packed and I don’t know where the month went. How’s that for a good sign? That’s right, we’re through phase two of our adventure and can proudly say we’re over our homesickness. Now we’ll coast into phase three: living life normally. That’s if you can call life here in LA normal. And in case you’re curious about what phase one is, well that’s easy: it’s the honeymoon stage.

What helped us get over the hurdle I hear you ask? Well some good friends came to visit and of course our Spring Break trip to Wales put us in good stead too. We met these friends when we were all “expats” to Sydney (from Melbourne); we couldn’t quite remember how or when we met but our friendship blossomed and here we are some 16 years later still great mates.

March in LA

What a start to March, Shake it baby, the highs and lows
Welcome back to This Month in LA. Once again March seemed to go pretty slowly yet when you look back it’s flown??? It’s been a hard one for us mainly because we’re missing our friends. Just like a new relationship–you’re madly in love having an amazing time and six/seven months later you start to miss your friends and the novelty starts to wear off. Like a fantastic relationship, however, we press on and this one is going to work (without too much effort).

 February in LA

Six months, love in the air, a bit homesick & the Oscars
Welcome to my first newsletter: This Month in LA. February may be the shortest month of the year but it was a pretty long one for us. So long that I had to call on Facebook to help me work out what I did at the start of it.

Of course love was in the air on Valentine’s Day and I was so surprised (I know I really shouldn’t have been, should I?) by the amount of love was in the air that day. Valentine’s Day is not just an excuse to jack up the prices of roses, heavily discount french champagne or create pink & red M&M’s but an excuse to tell a friend you love them … or your postman for that matter. It’s actually quite sweet. As I live here and understand Americans a bit better I like what they stand for. But more about that another time.

My daughter came home saying they weren’t allowed to choose one Valentine and that if they were going to bring something in they needed to bring one for the whole grade. Of 60 students. Thanks for that. Not only did I have to spring for lollies all around but I didn’t get to see if one of the boys wanted to give her anything.


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