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Fact or Fiction: LA’s last big earthquake was 10 years ago

Have you missed Fact or Fiction? Or noticed that the latest piece about Harry Styles has been going for two weeks?  Thanks to the Spring break we decided to carry it over.  Plus it was such a hot topic!

Before we reveal whether Harry Styles bought just up the road let me introduce you to the latest votable statement.

I wrote about the scare we had a few weeks ago when we had an earthquake that lasted some thirty seconds.  Then when we were away for Spring Break there was another earthquake, this time a bit stronger and a little more damage.  Lucky for us it was further South so didn’t really affect us.  There’s a lot of earthquake talk at the moment so it’s a bit freaky.  So, given all the talk about earthquakes, here is this week’s Fact or Fiction:

LA’s last big earthquake was ten years ago.


And now … the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

Has Harry Styles bought just up the road from us?

Yes he has!  A bit exciting.  75% of you went for it and said it was fact and only 25% of you are doubting Thomases thinking it was fiction.  I must confess since watching the One Direction movie I’ve had visions of giving him a home-cooked meal every Sunday night (roast beef & Yorkshire puddings of course).  Let’s see if that comes true!

Here are just some of the news stories about the recent purchase:

Stay tuned for more local gossip.  Have a great weekend!

xx It Started in LA xx

Earthquake image taken from Price of  Thank you :-).

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