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Six weeks on the Sensa diet

I started my Sensa diet with no expectations all in the name of shedding the excess kilos I put on over Christmas and New Year.  On a whim while at Costco I thought I’d go check out the diet products to “cheat” my way into weight loss.

You can imagine my surprise when I dropped a couple of kilos in a week and then another one the week after.  A girlfriend was in town and saw for herself how my appetite was curbed so I was eating much less but still enjoying great food.  I even fit into my dress that was seemingly miles too tight for the Golden Globes.  Life was good.

Last week I reported that I hated those take-anywhere satchels so that was getting in the way of my sprinkling which caused me to put a kilo on.  I bought the normal packs again and it’s much easier to deal with again.

I’ve taken the kilo back off (most of it) but I find I’m eating more again.  My meal sizes are gradually getting bigger so my hunger (or brain trying to tell me to stop eating because I’m full) is not subsiding.  That’s a problem if this diet works on the assumption of smaller servings.

During the week a friend sent me an article saying Sensa has had to give a number of people their money back (which I had heard) and many people are saying the side-effects of this diet is fairly in the hip pocket.  I’ve tossed it up and I’m keeping the faith.

This week I’m going to drink the drinks they provide mid afternoon instead of snacking and I’m going to be more aware of my meal sizes and see if I can’t cut them down.  And I’m going to do a little more exercise.  (Now I have to because I’ve said it out loud–and in public–gulp).

So, back to taking it more seriously (instead of treating it like a miracle cure) and hopefully next week I can report that I’ve lost another kilo.

My mate Pete Evans would die if he was reading this.  I do think it’s setting a bad example that the only real way to lose weight is through eating well & exercise.  But I’m happy to keep cheating a while longer (& trying to eat better at the same time).

Before I go, here’s the progress shot.  I’ve changed outfit so it’s hard to get continuity.  I played tennis this morning (see, told you: more exercise!).

Sensa Diet

Week six of my Sensa Diet

Enjoy your week and keep smiling.

xx It Started in LA xx

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