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It’s 2017 in LA but something’s not quite right

It’s 2017 in LA but something’s not quite right. It’s been a while since I’ve written.  And I have to confess to you straight up that I’ve been a little obsessed. 

Yes, I’ve been a little obsessed, but not with the things I should be obsessing about in LA.  For starters it’s award season: my favourite time of the year. Who’s wearing what, what Celebrities are in town and just who you might bump into going about your normal everyday business.  It’s great, too, driving around as huge Billboards as far as the eye can see are advertising TV Shows and the latest movies “For Your Consideration”.  There are “screeners” sent to everyone in SAGs or the Academy or the various other memberships around town; and the mad rush to see all the movies in time for the major award shows.  Yes, this is the time LA is alive and thriving on its Entertainment roots doing what it does its superficial best.  And I love it. Unashamedly so.

But something’s not quite right.

Friends in town

To top it off we had friends from Australia in town last weekend and you always know it’s going to be a beauty when you do.  What’s not to love? You’ve got like-minded people ready to embrace your town. We had an Awards night after-party to go to and a ticket to the highly coveted “G’day USA” (formerly known as G’day LA) Gala. Sweet: Life is Good.  This is why “It Started in LA”.

Yet something’s not quite right; there’s something hanging over us.  Something worth obsessing about.

LA weather

Then there’s the weather.  You must know LA is blessed with shoot-perfect weather (that’s shooting entertainment style not America’s blazing guns style).  Yeah, a typical LA winter starts at around 13C to 16C with the sun beating down then peaks somewhere between 18C and 23C before it cools down again at the end of the day.  This is just in time to come home, put the fire on and open a bottle of red wine.  It’s heaven.  You even manage 25C to 28C days—on the weekends if you’re lucky enough—and just might be able to crank the spa on.

But this winter has been freakishly cold, starting out at 1C last week and only peaking at about 10C—if you’re lucky.  Despite the sun being out the wind was bitterly—New York—cold.

That rain though

And wet.  LA loves to talk about the rain.  And, let me tell you, there’s been some rain. Not only has it been constant but it was heavy.  It was Sydney heavy.  We were all in a state of shock.  Of course we all know we need the rain so no one was game to whinge and bitch and moan about it but in the end, at our LA selfish best, we were saying, “enough already!”.  LA doesn’t do rain.

And, with the rain has come the mudslides.  It’s been dry here for many years and our dry, baron land got a bit of a shock.  With many of our communities built around the canyons—it couldn’t cope with all the rain sending muddy wet dirt skidding down the hills taking with it walls, fences and in some cases actual houses.

So you see there’s been quite a lot to talk about.  Quite a lot to distract “us” Los Angelinos.  Enough happening around town to ensure we are firmly locked away in our own bubble.  Relishing our bubble crying out how lucky we are to do what we do living where we do.  What a time to be alive.

But something’s not quite right.

How did you get here? Which way did you come?

And of course with the weather comes the traditional LA talk of how bad the traffic is and how LA doesn’t know how to drive in the rain (it’s true: it’s fact).  With one of the busiest links between the flats & the Valley, Laurel Canyon, blocked because of one of these landslides that’s a whole lot of “which route did you take?” talk to start every conversation.  LA Perfection right there.


Not to be outdone, it’s SuperBowl time.  We’ve got Lady Gaga doing the half-time entertainment and we’re gearing up for the ads—not only at half-time but during the whole telecast. Mr H’s company is responsible for the special effects of at least three-quarters of the ads so not only are we excited about the ads themselves but thrilled that we’re a part of it.

And in a SuperBowl trifecta each year we go to a friend’s Superbowl party which is always so much fun I often miss the ads.  (Don’t actually ask me who’s playing, or who has played; but I can tell you who’s been the half-time entertainment.  Yes, there’s a lot to look forward to.

In LA it’s always a great start to the year.  A lot to obsess about.

But something’s not quite right…

So what’s going on that with the stars aligned (pardon the pun) and all of our ducks lined up that’s interfering with what should only be a bloody good time?

You might already have guessed.  It’s actually taken over the world and because it’s so early on it’s hard to know how long this will last.  Facebook & Twitter are filled with opinion posts, and if people aren’t sharing news stories or rants they’re ranting about how they’re done with (or about to abandon) Facebook because of the number of political posts.  And let me tell you some of them are so bloody good it’s really hard NOT to share them.

Yep, there’s that word.  There’s your clue: Political.


That my friends is my obsession. This anti-news, anti binge-CNN-watching, Celeb-loving, LA-loving, superficial-loving Blogger can’t get enough of the news.  My friends, I can’t escape to my LA bubble because everyone keeps asking me what life is like with our new President.  And the world is reminding me everywhere how our new Pres is affecting me.  My. Everyday. Life.

If you’re a regular you’ll know one of my last posts was a very upbeat post about staying in the US under Trump leadership. It’s true that once I got over the hangover and utter shock of Trump being our President elect (and subsequently our actual President) I thought that campaign rhetoric might give way to the confines of the job.  You know? There was a lot of talk in my three years here about how little power the President of the United States actually has.  So slowly as she goes the Wall wouldn’t be built, our President would have to defend his first mass shooting and his popularity would be largely diminished it’s just a four-year countdown until America realises its mistakes and life goes on as usual.

Reality TV binge fest

But this is Hollywood and day after day we’re in the middle of a Reality TV binge fest of the real kind. If we miss an episode—or a day—we miss a big piece of news; a reshuffle, a new executive order, a sacking.  Alternative facts.

I really don’t want to get all political here—it’s bad enough that my time is consumed with soaking up all the various news stories, people’s shared Facebook news posts, Tweets (not the Pres’s), opinion pieces, videos and everything in between.  If CNN wasn’t so repetitive I’d be on that 24/7.  I even tuned into Fox News.

But I want my life back.  I’ve had enough.

California is not the rest of America

It’s hard to get a sense of perspective here in LA though. LA—California—is obviously largely a democratic state.  They abhor Trump. It’s like preaching to the converted. Every meeting with every friend is an update on wtf is going on.  Even my Republican friends (yes, I do have Republican friends and they happen to be very nice, intelligent people).

Yes, we participated in the Women’s March.  How could I not? How could one person with the signing of an Executive order set women back 500 years?

And what’s with these Executive Orders? Why haven’t past Presidents signed more of these in the past?  Well it seems they have.  It’s just that this one makes them count—Reality TV style.

One of my (US) friends asked a great question though.  If being President was as easy as signing Executive Orders why then didn’t Barack Obama sign one to ban guns here in the US?  Could it have been THAT simple?  Wouldn’t that have been a good way to make use of this Executive Order caper?

So…  You get the picture?  I don’t need The House of Cards or Scandal anymore. I’ve got this new Show: The Trump House.  And I’m addicted.  But I hope it doesn’t get renewed.  I can only cope with one season.  It’s intense, it’s real, it’s scary.  And I don’t know how much more of this I can take.  What a way to be educated in American politics.

A couple of links to keep your sanity

Before I go here are a few links to two cracker videos that made me chuckle.


Till next time: I want my LA Back!  I want Reality TV Hollywood style, not Reality TV (scary) reality style.

xx It Started in LA xx

oscars speech
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Speech, speech … as awards season makes way for pilot season

What a great start to the year here in Hollywood. I wonder what clever person decided to make the beginning of the year Awards Season. In Australia January is the peak of the school (summer) holidays and February marks the big thud: back to reality. The reality and realisation that all that eating and drinking every day over summer has paid the price—on your butt, thighs, stomach or worse all three. That’s why FebFast was invented—a great cause to stop drinking for and help shed the excesses as an added bonus.

If you’re following me fervently (which I hope you are) then you’ll know I was in Sydney for January. One of my friends was talking about doing FebFast and another was trying to get me to start a 30-day cleanse in February. Not a chance! Not with awards season here there’s no time to give up drinking, it’s basically 4-6 weeks of parties.

I was lucky enough to go to two awards nights (depending on how you look at it): The ACE (American Cinema Editors) Eddie Awards and the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) Awards. Like getting to know and understand the role of sound and colour in films I never really stopped to think about editors and cinematographers. One stat we were told at the ACE awards (if you remember) was one six-second car chase was edited from some 30 hours of raw footage. I always knew Cinematographers were clever but didn’t realise the importance of colouring to complement this process. I do now.

But with the number of different awards shows the big three are the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and the Oscars. This year Mr H’s company had two best picture nods: Whiplash (for which they did the sound–congratulations Ben Wilkins & Craig Mann) and Birdman (for which they did, among other things, the colouring–congratulations Steve Scott). And we were rewarded appropriately: with the big ‘O’! No, not Oprah… Oscar.  (Oh, and by the way, thanks Ben for sharing your Oscar & BAFTA with me even if it was just for a few precious minutes).

Let me tell you that Oscar is heavy; it’s pretty solid. Here’s a pic of me and Oscar:


Here’s one of me and the highly impressive (& heavy) BAFTA:


And here’s one with me, barely able to hold both of them for fear of breaking them:


I’m not weighing into the debate but obviously a lot was said about the shunning of the “African Americans” and in particular Selma (speaking of Oprah). Can’t any minority group say that? Big budget v small budget; black v white; haves v have-nots. This year the Academy definitely had its hat turned to those with not as much money as others yet made well-produced and engaging movies. It’s so nice that small budget films are being recognised.

Anyway, I posted my “brush with Osc and BAFT” pics on the regular channels and a few people called for my acceptance speech. What a great idea for a blog post. Absolutely I can do that.

My acceptance speech

Talk about pressure. Well I didn’t know where to start. For someone who’s somewhat opinionated I am lost for words. I’ve got the stage, my 50/60 seconds with the whole world watching (hopefully) but no idea where to start. How can this be? What are my options?

Well there’s the obvious one: thank God, mum & dad for all they did for me, my husband and kids and thanks to blah and blah for believing in me and helping me along this journey to get where I am today.

But I want more than that so what’s option two?

The statement speech or the watercooler speech. Perhaps that should be upgraded to the what-gets-social-media-talking speech. Well I’m not that politically minded, I’m not particularly passionate about anything in particular and I don’t really have any great pearls of wisdom to share (like JK Simmons this year–congrats–or Matthew McConaughey or Jared Leto last year) so I guess I won’t be one of those “talked about” speeches either.

So I thought I’d go for option three, tell a story.

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman. One grew up in a working class town in South Wales, the other in a small farming town in the Philippines—you couldn’t get more different people from such different walks of lives. Through fate they met and a year or so later they had a daughter. Then in another twist of fate they moved to Australia following an idea he had that they didn’t want to bring their kids up in Wales or the Philippines.

Fast forward a number of years (and moves) later and in a (not-at-all-sleazy) nightclub in Melbourne, this boy walks up to me who says he’s seen me around (haven’t they all?). After a tumultuous six years we married, moved to Sydney and had two amazing babies. We have pretty much always been happy: we’ve got great friends, generally have lots of fun, have had some great opportunities thrown our way and our parents set us up with some good values. We like to think we are aware of others and do the right thing by people but we’re not perfect (thank God!).

So imagine in the middle of your fun-filled life in one of the world’s most beautiful spots (Jervis Bay Australia), you get a call asking if you want to move to Hollywood. Seriously? What are you doing to me? I’m home and happy, the kids are happy and settled in fantastic schools with great friends and you want to uproot me?

It seems fate had a different plan to mine and if I’m up for the ride it’s mine for the taking.

{music starts playing}

Wait. Thankyou fate. Thank you for throwing me curve balls in my sometimes-over-planned life. Thanks for challenging me to put myself in different situations to see what I’ll do with them. And fate, without you, I wouldn’t be standing here today.

I believe in fate and all it has to serve up. Bring on more amazing Hollywood moments. And I welcome any offers now that pilot season has kicked off.

Thank you.

xx it Started in LA xx


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Who wore what: Golden Globes 2015

Usually the fashion comes before the ceremony but in my case there’s only one of me and it’s important to have a good look at the pics before you make your final decision.

So, with my Golden Globes hangover here’s my verdict on this year’s Golden Globes fashion.

The thing that annoys me with most Red Carpet critics is the Best Dressed list comprises solely of the “it” actors and actresses. Rarely do partners get on the list or the older women—with the exception of Helen Mirren she always seems to get an honourable mention. No, not mine I choose from everyone I see—that’s what makes me different.

This year I’m loving the winter white and those who dared our un-typically LA tempting possible muddy conditions it paid off. Leading the winter white pack was Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kate Hudson Felicity Huffman deserves a nod too.

I suppose you can count Sienna Millar in the winter white category but either way she looked good—better if she didn’t plunge that neckline all the way down to her waist but that’s really being picky. Unfortunately Tina Fey didn’t quite pull off her white and black look but who cares? she did such an amazing job presenting she can wear whatever she wants. And, to be fair, she killed it in her tux during the presentation.

Speaking of tuxes Jared Leto did it for me as best dressed for the blokes in his white tux with black highlights. Nice job Jared.

Silver was another common colour and it was great to see. Dakota Johnson sparkled in her silver number and Reese Witherspoon and Diane Kruger looked glamorous as ever. Kate Beckinsale looked radiant and OITNB star Uzo “crazy eyes” Aduba also looked stunning in shimmering silver. Emma Stone rocked it in the pants and silver bodice and Kayte Walsh (who came with Kelsey Grammar looked positively radiantly stunning).

The side cutout was another look this year and no one really managed to pull it off. Ryan Hawke (Ethan’s other half) Katie Cassidy and Rosamund Pike showed us how not to pull off the look. Stand out dress in the side cutout department was Kate Hudson (how on earth did she keep those puppies in her dress all night?

Red was a popular colour with Allison Williams, Taylor Schilling, Helen Mirren (love the Je Suis Charlie accessory), Jane Fonda (ooh la la) and Julianna Margulies (who always looks so stunning but the dress didn’t really sit right for me) going with the colour. But the best dressed in red would have to be Viola Davis—just loved the minimal jewellery, the cut and the silver sparkles—not too much not too little it was just right. And after a disaster look last year it was good to see Lena Dunham looking great in her Zac Posen red number.

In yellow Jenna Dewan-Tatum wins it for me along with Leslie Mann. Everyone picked Naomi Watts and I thought she looked good but the other two looked better.

And there was a lot of rouging! From Amy Adams to Jessica Chastain, Lana Del Ray and Katie Holmes, they all wore it. I like a bit of rouging but I think only Katie Holmes managed to pull it off—yes, even my Red Carpet favourite Amy Adams gets a hmmm vote.

Heidi Klum actually pulled off the rougeing and she rocked it in red.

I have to go there … notable fails. Keira Knightly, what on earth were you thinking? Sack your stylist sweetie that look is not a look at all. I’m so sorry to say but there’s nothing about that dress I can say works. If I’d met you last night I’d have to be careful not to look down. I love you but not last night.

And Melissa McCarthy please please please stop playing the fat card. We love you, you’re funny, you’ve done well against the odds, it’s hard to dress when you’re overweight but plenty of big people can look nice. Embrace your size and set an example about how you can be big and still look smoking. Take a leaf out of OITNB’s Danielle Brooks book and work it! Stylists, please take her on.  It’s easy to make a Beyonce or a Kerry Washington hot show us you really have talent by making Melissa McCarthy look good.

And Amelia Warner (with Jamie Dornan) can you please give me a call?  That fur fringing really? Actually the whole dress was pretty blah. I hope someone paid you to wear that otherwise it would be totally humiliating.  I’m sorry sweetie.

Before I finish I can’t do my critique without mentioning boobies. It seems everyone was keen to show us all as much boob flesh as she could—JLo, Kate Hudson, Katie Cassidy, Sienna Miller had the waistline neckline.  There were boobs and plunging necklines all over the shop.

While we’re talking about plunging necklines my mate JLo. Everyone raved about how gorgeous she looked but really? I disagree. I don’t think she rocked it at all—way too much fabric, she didn’t look like she wanted to be there and her face was all scowly.  I think I need to send my mate Napoleon Perdis to soften her up and make her look good again.

And finally, cutest couple goes hands down to Ann Faris and Chris Pratt.  I love love love Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger too but I have a soft spot for them.

Hits—in order

GG Best Dressed

Golden Globes Hits as digested by It Started in LA


  1. Emma Stone (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images via
  2. Viola Davis (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images via
  3. Leslie Mann (Photo: DANNY MOLOSHOK via
  4. Uzo Aduba (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage via
  5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images via
  6. Selma Hayek (Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP via
  7. Reece Witherspoon (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images via
  8. Kate Beckinsale (Photo: John Shearer/AP via
  9. Danielle Brooks (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images via

Who was on my list but then didn’t make the cut (there were simply too many to choose from)?

These aren’t in order–that would be too hard.

  • Camille Alves (aka Mrs McConaughey)
  • Kate Hudson
  • Dakota Johnson
  • Allison Janey
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui
  • Kerry Washington
  • Kayte Walsh

Honourable mentions

  • Katie Holmes
  • Jenna Dewan-Tatum
  • Sienna Miller
  • Gina Rodriguez
  • Allison Williams
  • Quvenzhane Wallis (the girl from Annie)
  • Miss Golden Globe 2015 Greer Grammer

The Blokes

Why are the blokes always last?  I love that the blokes are branching out from traditional tuxes. Well done boys.

GG Best Dressed Blokes

Golden Globes Best Dressed Blokes as digested by It Started in LA


  1. Jared Leto (Photo: Kevin Winter Getty Images via
  2. Matt Bomer (Photo: Getty Images via
  3. Adrien Brody (Image from

Honourable mention to Entourage star Adrian Grenier who looked pretty sexy in a purple tux with black trimmings—those pants fit beautifully.


You think it was hard to choose the hits.  Let me tell you there were quite a few misses too.  Sadly.

GG Misses

Golden Globes Misses as digested by It Started in LA


  1. Zosia Mamet (Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP via
  2. Keira Knightley (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images via
  3. Rosamund Pike (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage via
  4. Melissa McCarthy (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage via
  5. Claire Danes (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images via
  6. Jemima Kirke (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via
  7. Amelia Warner  (Getty Images via
  8. Amanda Peet (Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage via
  9. JLo (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

If you want to check out some image galleries here you go.  These are the sites where I got some of my photos from.


NY Daily News

GQ Best Dressed Blokes

What do you think?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Anyone I missed out? Did you think JLo looked good?  Why?  Share here on the comments page or on my Facebook page.

Until next year but thankfully we’ve got a number of awards shows to go.  I’ll be at the ACE Awards at the end of the month.  Need to shed those kgs and find me a dress to wear.

xx It Started in LA xx

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