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Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction: Slash came to the kids school

Fact or Fiction?

This week’s Fact or Fiction is back on gossipy things that may or may not have happened around us.  So this week’s statement is:

Slash came to the kids’ school.

Cast your votes now, it’s easy to do and you’ll either be right or wrong.

Eighty per cent of you were on the money last week with the answer to:

Bel Air is a suburb of LA with its own postcode.

Bel Air as an actual suburb of LA with its own postcode is indeed a myth.  If you see someone’s address as Bel Air then they’re just showing off.  Their actual address is Los Angeles and 90049 (for example, there are a few LA postcodes that cover “Bel Air”).

Here’s a good blog page I found with some good stuff on Bel Air, bit of light reading for the weekend.

Happy weekend & happy voting.

xx It Started In LA xx

Image taken from wikipedia:

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