My BMW is messing with me

It’s Friday and it’s my favourite day of the week: it starts with tennis, turns into lunch and ends with drinks. What could be better?  Friday just keeps on giving because then you’ve got the rest of the weekend of more of the same (except the tennis bit).  Yay!

This Friday started with a hitch.  First up tennis and I’m on time (just).  I have to hang two things on the clothesline then I’m in the car on the way.  Here’s where the hitch comes in.

I opened the car, popped my bag, phone (that I usually always carry separately) and tennis racket on the front passenger seat and (must’ve) shut the door.  I popped my things on the line and went to get into the driver seat.


I went around to the passenger side.


How on earth is it locked when I opened it to get my things in there?  And how is it locked when I didn’t lock it?  (OMG I just said earth and not an expletive–what’s happening to me?)

The answer, my friends, is that (unbeknownst to me–clearly) BMW must have this nifty security function where it’s smart enough to think, “oh wait, my owner has left her keys in the car.  I should lock the doors for her so no one steals me.  I’m so helpful. Smiley face.”

Nice one clever BMW but perhaps before you get all smart and start thinking like a husband you should send me the memo telling me you’re going to do that so I don’t close the door with my keys and phone in the car.

I’ve spent the day trying to work out where it went wrong this morning.  My friends and coach at tennis (once I got to tennis) looked at me (rightly so) with confused looks going, “you know, cars don’t just lock themselves, what did YOU do?”

The answer my friends is that BMW X5s apparently DO lock themselves, there’s no gremlins there and I’m not going bonkers.

But, because it all started in LA and I live in lalaland I just called BMW Assist and after answering a few tricky questions voila! the car door is automatically open.  Like a Hollywood movie there’s a happy ending and off to tennis I drive.

xx It Started in LA xx

NOTE: I’m sure other countries have remote open but really, seriously, isn’t that such an LA thing to look up to the sky and say, please open my car … and it does?

NOTE2: I’m not sponsored by BMW but if it–or Range Rover or Audi–would like to sponsor me for a new 7-seater SUV I’d be happy to blog about it.

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