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Guest Post on Bright Lights of America

March 8, 2017: It Started in LA was asked to write a story on Understanding the American School System by fellow Aussie Blogger Bright Lights of America. If you haven’t already head over to her Blog–she’s a great, much more prolific Blogger than I am and has some great content. Especially if you’re planning a trip to San Francisco–she’s your person.

US School System

Guest post in Bright Lights of America on the US School System

Contributor on Crowd Ink

Beverly Hills, December, 2015: It Started in LA is a regular contributor to website Crowd Ink.  Find some of my stories here with many more to come.

Curtis Stone’s Maude

Planning your trip to LA

Flying through the City of Angels

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Guest Post on Travellous World

Beverly Hills, October 26, 2015: It Started in LA has appeared in the travel Blog, Travellous World, with a rundown on “Getting Cultural in LA”.

Thanks Maaike for having me, I love your section on getting to know cities from a locals’ perspective.

Check out my story and while you’re there have a look around Maaike’s Blog.

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Do LA as the locals do

It Started in LA gives tips on how to “do LA as the locals do” | It Started in LA |

Guest Post on Cosmos Mariners

Beverly Hills, October 15, 2015: It Started in LA has appeared in the travel Blog, Cosmos Mariners, with a rundown on “Getting Cultural in LA”.

Thanks Natalie for having me, it was fun researching and writing the story.

Check out my story and while you’re there have a look around Natalie’s Blog, there’s some great stuff there.

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Cosmos Mariners

My Guest Blog post on Cosmos Mariners about getting Cultural in LA

Good Migrations Expert Expat

Beverly Hills, June 25, 2015: It Started in LA has been named a GoodMigrations Expert Expat.

After moving overseas, co-founder Sharon and her husband  started GoodMigrations to help people moving abroad find reputable international movers. Now it helps them connect with experts on the ground to smooth a transition.

And, because I’m “someone who’s been actively educating current and future expats through It Started in LA” I seemed like a good fit.

According to Sharon, “Our ‘Expert Expats’ initiative is designed to help people moving abroad find seasoned expats who have been through the same process and can provide tips and insight into the local area. These people might have a specific question (“What’s a good neighborhood to live in?”) or something more general (“Any tips on acclimating to the culture?”) they need help with.”

 Check out the website .. especially if you find yourself in the process of moving countries.  Eek.

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Another Liebster nomination

Beverly HIlls, June 22, 2015: Huge thanks to FitnessMomWineCountry for her nomination for a Liebster award.

The “award” is given to bloggers by their peers and along with it comes a handful of questions in which each recipient answers.  It is typically for new bloggers just starting out.  Basically it is a type of virtual blogging chain letter and you get to know one another a bit better.

You can check out her blog here.

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Interview with Expat Blog

Beverly Hills, June 2, 2014: I’m currently featured in Expats Blog as part of its interview series with Expats.

Expats Blog is a home for expats abroad! Uniting expat bloggers with their latest blog posts, blog reviews, expat interviews & contests. Its news team brings daily topical news items from around the globe.

Read my interview here.

Expats Blog

Expats Blog interview with yours truly

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Interview with InterNations: one of five featured Blog on LA

Beverly Hills, May 12, 2014: I’m so pleased to announce that It Started in LA is featured as one of five* blogs on InterNations website.

InterNations is the first international online community for people who live and work abroad. It enables members to interact with other global minds in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs; members exchange reliable information on expat-specific topics, both on a global and a local level.

Check out my Q&A interview here.


InterNations features It Started in LA as one of five LA Blogs

* at time of writing

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Leibster Award Nomination

Beverly Hills.  May 27, 2014: I’m so overwhelmed to receive my first Liebster award nomination from Diary of an Expat.

Here’s her nomination and here’s my reply post.

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Q&A with Desperate Housewife in Washington

Beverly Hills.  April 10, 2014: Just before I left for my Spring Break I was interviewed by a fabulous Blogger.  It was such a fun thing to do and she really made me think about stuff I hadn’t yet thought of so thanks Clare.

Here’s the interview link to her page:

It Started in LA Meets Desperate Housewife of Washington

There are so many more things I’ve thought about that we can all learn from each other and given me lots of ideas for future stories so cheers Claire.

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Australian PR chick Gwen John launches blog about all things LA: It Started In LA

Beverly Hills, February 10, 2014: Gwen John, writer, wife and mother-of-two has launched her own blog aptly named “It Started In LA”.

Yanked out of her comfort zone in Sydney, Australia in August 2013 Gwen had four weeks to get herself together, find a school for her kids and somewhere to live.  Her husband, an IT&T veteran, was offered a job in Hollywood by one of the industry’s leading players in post-production for an immediate start.  With no plans to move neither of them ever imagined a world right smack bang in Hollywood.

It would be a rocky start with school applications closed in February and offers finalised in March-May making getting a place in LA’s already over-subscribed private schools a daunting challenge.  Couple that with a shortage of rental properties and … you get the picture?

Sheer luck coupled with a strong belief in if-it’s-meant-to-be-it’s-meant-to-be Gwen’s kids were accepted by one of LA’s top private schools.  They’ve gone from complete anonymity to living among LA’s rich, famous and fabulous (not mutually exclusive).

“Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to be doing the Hollywood thing so every day is an adventure.  It’s amazing how one move puts you right in the centre of the action,” said Gwen John.

“My blog covers everything from celebrities to restaurants, destinations you only read about, Hollywood, life in LA and the surreal world we’ve found ourselves in.

“We’ve gone from having strong opinions at the hairdresser about all things Michael Jackson to respecting their privacy as a family because we are one degree of separation from them.  How did that happen?”

It Started In LA aims to tell good everyday stories in a LA setting and Gwen’s love for good photography will also be apparent.

“I’d love to produce a coffee-table book of LA with an accompanying soundtrack so this blog is a good first step.

“Friends were urging me to start a blog and give more detail about the things I came across rather than cryptic Facebook posts.  I hope this blog provides more insight without encroaching on the personal lives of the people around me who have welcomed us with open arms.”

Gwen’s blog can be found at  She is also on facebook at and instagram on @itstartedinla and Pinterest at


Gwen can be reached for comment via email:


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