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The Emmy’s (recap 2017)

Did you watch The Emmy’s yesterday? For regular followers you’ll know that I’m addicted to all the awards shows. Some sources say that viewer numbers are dwindling but there has never been a better time to be a “TV Head” (not a head of TV or network but addicted to TV) than now.

The main reason we were watching

Yes it’s true I am an Awards Show junkie so I would be glued to the TV (or there in real life) no matter what. But, this year I had extra reason to watch closely.

It Started in LA had one of its own front and centre at the Emmy’s this year.  That’s right, my son was a special guest of honour hobnobbing amongst the who’s who of TV Royalty.  I joked that we better watch closely as he may turn up in one of those regular pan-to-the-audience shots, but little did I imagine he’d feature quite heavily.  And feature (almost full-screen feature) enough to send my messages going overtime only to be drowned out by my squealing and yelling.  The camera (or was that his mum & her friends?) found him the most handsome up & coming star of this year’s awards.


The low-down

The Emmy’s seems to have got the diversity card down a lot sooner than the Oscars.  And this year was no different.  The two trends were definitely women and ethnicity.  It’s a good thing so long as it’s not staged and tokenism.  And this year it was far from it.  We can thank Shonda Rhimes as one of the pioneers and there are many more to come.

But let’s see if it keeps going.  As fabulous as it is Big Little Lies has some serious Hollywood punch behind it.  As she was making her acceptance speech you could see Reese Witherspoon would never take no for an answer.  She reminded me of her on-screen character Madeline–she is a powerhouse tough lady and a great model for our girls.But not everyone here has her friends, influence and cashola.


Hollywood has its fair share of making itself heard in terms of political views.  Watching at home I thought it was priceless that Sean Spicer made a cameo. But many didn’t.  Good on him for being able to take the piss out of himself. It wasn’t that long ago he had nothing to laugh about. I like moments where people don’t take themselves too seriously. Especially him.  While he was Press Secretary he was anything but a laugh a minute.  I hope it means he’s human after all.

Not as many Trump jokes as I thought but enough–the undertone was there and frankly that’s all you need.  I think it’s great when people who have followers can use the attention they get to highlight issues but there’s a fine line.  I’m pleased to report that fine line wasn’t crossed.  Well done!


Of course fashion is always the big topic on everyone’s lips. Hairdressers are booked out, stylists are stressed out and make-up artists and hairdressers are worth their weight in gold.

The trends were definitely glitter (featuring silver), plunging necklines (when oh when are they going to disappear I loathe them) and the wet look (hair).  For the men coloured tuxes was the way to go.

Here are my favourite looks.

Millie Bobby Brown. Age-appropriate, stunning and worn with class


Jessica Biel. On trend but actually rocked it

Issa Rae perfection in red


And here are my not-so-favourite looks. Whether I’m getting old or losing my touch but some people actually name a few of these in their best dressed.  Just goes to show taste is most definitely not something we all share.

Tracee Ellis Ross. Many liked it, sadly me not so much

Priyanka Chopra. I once thought she would wear a bedspread and she’d look amazing. I take it back

Sarah Paulsen. On trend but didn’t work for me, fine with the shoulder pads, love the back but the fit didn’t work for me




One of the big discussion pieces of the night was Sean Spicer. I’m wondering where my favourite cast of Scandal was? No sign of them and it’s their last big year.

The catwalk is not the same without the gorgeous Kerry Washington.

As for me I sent the wrong reporter in. All I got this morning was a grunt, a huge shot of coffee and mumblings about a Chem quiz at school. Life goes back to normal for my 90210 son (no pity).


Bravo Emmy’s on a job well done. It was a good watch and with so many categories, so many shows and so many people involved in the final product I think it’s great to break the Emmy’s out into a long festival.  Next year though I’d love to upgrade my status to on-site reporter.

Enjoy your week, we’re going to continue with the hangover in LA a while longer,

xx It Started in LA xx


For the more insider versions of the news here are a couple of wrap ups from the big news outlets.

Vanity Fair


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