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Differences between LA & Sydney: Drinking at lunch

As I continue my series on the differences between LA & Sydney, I’m noticing so many, many things.  Who said the transition to California would be smooth? Well, it’s not that it isn’t smooth so much as we are different.  Take drinking at lunchtime as a prime example.

I love going out to lunch—there’s something totally decadent about having a long lunch where you enjoy good conversation, great food and, of course, a bottle or so of wine.

I remember when we moved to Shanghai it took me a while to find drinking partners at lunchtime. It was so foreign to me that you would go out for a beautiful meal (even if it is through the day) and not have a glass of wine—or three—to accompany that meal. Water simply won’t cut it will it?  And I see now that was probably the American influence in our Expat society.

I go out regularly with my girlfriends in Australia and love it. We’ve often been known to seek alternative methods of after-school pick-up for the kids. And, with the wonders of time (the kids getting older) and public transport in Australia it gets easier for the kids to walk home from the bus stop.

Here in LA not so much!

I don’t think “doing lunch” is a thing here amongst my fellow Beverly Hills Housewives. Sure, when someone has a birthday we’ll go out but it doesn’t seem to be a regular thing (or maybe I don’t have enough friends). And then, once you get them out it’s water or an Arnold Palmer (Ice Tea & Lemonade).

The other week I had a lovely lunch with my fellow PA mothers and not a drop of wine in sight.

I do have to love my supportive girlfriends though. The ones who know that a lunch with me means we’re going to have a glass of wine. That’s supportive.

I’ll keep looking for fellow lunchers though—where lunch turns into afternoon drinks, which turns into dinner.

xx It Started in LA xx

PS: If you’re in LA and looking for places to eat, check out my Pinterest board I keep updated with tips from a local. There’s no excuse not to eat well when you’re visiting–stay away from those chains!

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