Oscars 2014

The two things we talked about in LA last week: rain & the Oscars

I’m hungover.  Not with your traditional hangover but with a very special Oscars hangover.  I was so upset leading up to the Oscars that we weren’t going to one of the parties–or the awards themselves.  If you follow along on my Facebook and Instagram pages you’ll know that we (the royal “we” actually only Mr H) got to one of those “at a ceremony held earlier” functions relevant to his work at the Beverly Hills Hotel so at least we got close to it and definitely got in on the buzz.  But all’s well that ends well for my first “In Hollywood” Oscars because we did the right thing by them and sat in the comfort of my living room by the fire with a glass of wine in hand.  We watched every moment (except the bits where I was busy tweeting) and took it all in.

How good was it? I rarely watch it all at home: it’s on too late, I fall asleep, I know who the winners are and life’s too busy.  But here it’s expected and it’s what you do.  Plus I have a Blog to write!

Ellen was fabulous–she was more than fabulous, she was incredible.  I laughed out loud at her opening monologue.  It was true: we were all concerned about the rain here in LA.  It’s all we talked about.  That and the Oscars.  Then on the impact of the rain on the Oscars.  It’s like it never rains here.  Oh wait, it doesn’t.  So I loved her line: “It has been a tough couple of days for us here: It has been raining. We’re fine. Thank you for your prayers.”

The tears started early with Jared Leto’s acceptance speech that I still think was the best of the night (Matthew McConaughey lost me thanking God and I got it with the “me in 10 years thing” but lost me that he’s his own hero. I do still rate you though MC).

What made Ellen great was she was funny, she didn’t take it too far (maybe to everyone except Liza Minnelli) but it had bite (ie it wasn’t sucky).  I loved the audience interaction and the way she surprised Leonardo DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock as she announced the next presenter.  Priceless.  And of course the “selfie that broke Twitter”.  Very clever.  (I was very quick thinking and got up to take a pic of the TV and their selfie but I forgot to turn the flash off and it took too long to take the pic.  Fail.  Bugger.)  It’s moments like that we love to feel like we know Leo & Brad, Bradley, Sandra, Amy & Merryl.  Ellen going into the audience made them real and we liked it.  We were there.

The internet is full of buzz about the pizza coming too.  She talked about doing it but to really do it was clever.  Two gorgeous moments: Brad Pitt handing out plates and Jared Leto (again) giving his pizza to his mum.  Awwww. (Psst … Lots of pics of Brad chowing down on the pizza none of Ange).

Which brings me to a theme of the night: mums as dates, daughters as dates and hononouring your mum.  Who didn’t cry at Jared Leto’s story about this mum (good on her) and gush over Leo as he sat with his mum in the front row? And how lovely and proud Laura Dern was of her dad, Bruce.

And before we talk about the really important business of Best Dressed let’s recap on the song performances.  Best performances ever.  “Happy” didn’t disappoint and neither did “Let It Go” from Frozen but the two outstanding performances of the night have to go to Pink’s rendition of “Over the Rainbow” and Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings”.  Breathtaking.  Times two.  More tears.  Even Bette had tears.  Bless.

It was good to see Gravity win so many well-deserved awards.  I was disappointed it didn’t take out Best Picture but glad Alfonso Cuaron won Best Director.  Gravity was the first highly anticipated film when we arrived plus Mr H’s company did the sound and we went to support the film opening weekend so we felt very connected to the movie.

There are many more highlights (and a couple of lowlights … Kim Novak) but that’s enough.  It’s time to move onto the Best Dressed.

OK most of them got it right on Instagram and online etc but where was Bette Midler? She looked stunning (even if my pic of her was cut off–sorry Bette).  And so did Pink in her dress made from Dorothy’s Ruby slippers.  I think Camila Alves was largely ignored and Jennifer Lawrence nailed it (rumour around town was she didn’t like the last dress so I guess they had some making up to do). So my list is:

  1. Bette Midler. Gorgeous
  2. Jennifer Lawrence. Rocked it.
  3. Cate Blanchett. Flawless.
  4. Amy Adams. Stunning.
  5. Pink. Perfect (nice to see America is FINALLY embracing her)
  6. Camila Alves.  Stunning date.

Honorable mentions:

  1. Jessica Alba
  2. Naomi Watts
  3. Sandra Bullock
  4. Emma Watson.  More for the whole package–the hair, the look than the dress itself but she looked truly stunning.

I have been captivated by Lipita Nyong’o’s look the whole awards season but was disappointed in her dress.  She should still get an honourable mention though.  (Her standout dress for the season was definitely the Ralph Lauren at the Golden Globes).

And the boys rocked it too.  White is back in.  I’m only giving out three best dressed.

  1. Matthew McConaughey narrowly beating
  2. Jared Leto
  3. Ryan Seacrest

I know… I can’t quite believe I wrote his name either.  But he looked good.  Leo, Brad & Bradley looked good as did my special Channing and special honourable mention to Will Smith (I know, can’t believe it what’s getting into me?) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  And BTW where was George Clooney?

So, that’s it.  As I was desperate for more when the awards finished and the parties started I reflected and thought about what they’d be doing at the parties, what the mood would be like, how the queues were going and the traffic as they try to shuttle the guests into the various after-parties.

It’s so cool that I could picture what was going on because it wasn’t so long ago I was in the thick of it for the Golden Globes.  What fun it is, the egos in the room, the star-struck celeb-spotting, the waiting, the photos, the selfies and the dancing.  I could go to bed knowing I’ve experienced one of those parties and even though I wasn’t there last night I still got to go and I’ve still got it good.

Only in LA.  Have a great week everyone!

xx It Started in LA xx

PS: Here are all the winners in case you’ve been under a rock and haven’t seen the full list: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/oscar-winners-2014-full-list-results-86th-academy-awards-kodak-theater-684748


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