Sensa Diet Week 4

Today marks four weeks since I’ve been sprinkling Sensa on everything I eat.  Overall I’m feeling lighter and my tummy is not as bloated and has most definitely shrunk.  It’s a bit of a bugger I didn’t take my measurements really.  (Note to self: I probably still can now).

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you with a long prose except to say I’m still finding the diet so easy.  I had a slight hiccup on Sunday where I forgot to sprinkle but other than that the Sensa pack comes with me everywhere I go.

Sensa Diet Week 4

Sensa Diet Week 4

This week’s verdict? I’ve lost another 0.2 kilos making it a total of about three kilos since I stacked on the holiday weight in Mexico & San Francisco.  About to switch to month two so we’ll see if that kick starts it again.  Around three kilos to go …

xx It Started In LA xx


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