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Friday Funny, Fact or Fiction: Rod Stewart

Fact or Fiction?????

Welcome to this week’s Fact or Fiction: Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart’s son is in my kids’ swim team.


Thanks to the people who responded to last week’s Fact or Fiction.  The answer to:

Kim Kardashian lived just up the road from us (and a few doors down from a friend of mine). She moved out just as we moved in.

was in fact: Fact.

40% thought it was Fact

60% thought it was Fiction.

There you go!  Didn’t know it when we moved in but just heard a couple of weeks ago that she lived a few doors down from a friend of mine in her street which is just up the road in the same ‘hood as us.  The paps supposedly gave it away but we never saw them.  She moved out at the end of summer–just as we moved in so the likelihood is we never actually lived in the same hood at the same time.

Answer to come next week.  Happy Friday Australia.  Sadly we have to wait another day but I’m with you in spirit.

And because it’s Valentine’s Day and I had a “thing” for Rod Stewart here’s a link to buy concert tickets (that means you have to come to LA if you’re from Australia!)

xx It Started in LA xx


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