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Fact or Fiction: Paris, Nicole & Kim

updated October 8, 10:00 LA time with new info on The Slap.

Happy Easter long weekend (although it’s now the tail of it).  And, of course, Happy Passover.  I love that we’re in a melting pot of religions here in 90210 and being exposed to Judaism and all its associated traditions.  I knew, of course, that there were many Jewish people in Hollywood and TV Shows like The OC celebrated Hanukkah and “Chanukkah” but didn’t even think about it when we were planning to move here.  I have to say that’s what’s so great about being an Expat and immersing yourself in other cultures, even if it’s fundamentally similar to your own (ie. not like our move to China!).

I love that I’m learning so much, too, about things like kosher food.  When I first got here I was having two friends over for lunch.  I sent them an email wondering if I needed to use kosher salt in my cooking as I’d seen it all over the supermarkets.

Knowing me they knew I was serious but a friends’ husband thought I was taking the piss (taking the mickey, joking).  Now I know why–if you’re truly cooking kosher it has to be that the whole kitchen is kosher and I actually even think that you then have to be practising kosher yourself.  Not sure I’ll have to look that one up.  You get the gist though … salt is not going to miraculously turn the meal kosher!

Anyway, onto this week’s Fact or Fiction question:

At one point Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie & Kim Kardashian all went to the same school here in LA.


Vote away!

Results from last week


The US is remaking The Slap for US TV.


The Australian cast featured a stunning line-up including Melissa George, Sophie Okonedo, Essie Davis, Alex Dimitriades and Jonathan LaPaglia producing an incredible mini-series that absolutely nailed it.

The answer is indeed Fact, NBC is rewriting and adapting the quintessentially Australian show for US TV.  They’ve got a great team (Jon Robin Baitzwriter for West Wing and Brothers and Sisters) behind the project but I’m betting it won’t be anything like the Australian version.

We all know American and Australian culture is very different and no one is learning that more than me as I live and play here.  The Australian version is too raw and real that it couldn’t play out in its current form.  So I’m guessing we shouldn’t expect it to be quite as confronting as the Australian version but I look forward to seeing how it goes.  If nothing else I hope it will give me some fodder to be to eloquently isolate the differences between American and Australia.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC announced it would take up the show in 2012 but it’s only confirmed that it will put it into production this year.  Watch this space …

Special thanks also to Pink is the New Blog for its digestion of the news.

Enjoy the long weekend!

xx It Started in LA xx

PS: October 8. I’ve just found out that Melissa George is going to reprise her role for the US version.  Wonder if she’ll play an Australian girl but speak with an American accent.  The mind boggles.


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