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Fact or Fiction: the Svend Sipper is named after Beverly Hills Hotel’s long-time pool manager

God I miss the Beverly Hills Hotel.  There hasn’t been a lot said about the boycott lately except it’s still on.  I keep wondering how they’re doing and what effect (if any) the boycott is having on the hotel.

I heard on Mothers’ Day that it was reasonably full but this article in the New York Post (all in the name of research I’m sure) says otherwise.  Here’s another article summarising what’s going on by Time Magazine.

I searched availability on its website and there are obviously more rooms vacant (I regularly search availability of the bungalow rooms to tick off my bucket list!).  I think I need to make a trip to check it out myself–purely in the name of research and to give a first-hand report to my faithful readers of course.

So, in memory of my beloved memories at the hotel here’s my latest Fact or Fiction (that has been MIA).

The Svend Sipper is named after its long-serving Pool Manager.


Results from the last Fact or Fiction: Yosemite National Park

I hope you weren’t holding your breath for the answer to this one.  The answer required first-hand research.

The answer to this one is a tough one.  It seemed to me when I posted it that the answer was yes.   I called the number that has visibility over all the accommodation IN the park and there was essentially no room at the Inn.  I was told to continually check back because as the time gets closer there are generally cancellations.  Let me also say I was booking for two families (nine of us).

I was also warned by those I’d asked for advice that if you haven’t booked by now (some six months in advance) you wouldn’t get a room–specifically but not limited to the Ahwahanee.  Even as I write this post I tested a number of dates in July and came up blank.  I tried it for two families and one with the same result: nudda.

So, we booked an RV (the only one left) and a site outside the park (the only one left) and the nine of us bunked in for two nights.  Hysterical.

When we got there there seemed to be a scattering of vacancies around the park.  There was one room left at the gorgeous Ahwahanee (but none at the time I called) and a couple we sat next to at the bar had only just booked their room the day before.  Hmph. I felt bad because this was our Yosemite experience and I wondered where–how–I went wrong.

The beauty with this booking link is it covers all accommodation throughout the park.  There is also a phone number to call and their helpful people gave me the same result.

All I can say is plan as early as you possibly can for the high summer months.  It is busy.  If you’re coming from overseas you could take the chance and book something last-minute but if you’re anything like me that’s a huge risk and one I wasn’t willing to take.  I’ll leave it to you and … good luck!

If you want more detailed information on our Yosemite experience stay tuned for my Blog.  It’s coming soon.

xx It Started in LA xx

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Fact or Fiction: Book 12 months ahead for a spot inside Yosemite

Here’s a question for you, a very important question if you’re planning a US or Californian holiday that includes a visit to the stunning Yosemite National Park.

You need to book 12 months ahead to get a cabin or even camping spot at Yosemite in summer.

The answer to the last Fact or Fiction:

Is the pool covered over for Golden Globes after parties?

Is Fact.  It is now!  There was a time, however, when it wasn’t.  Read this story about Angelina Jolie jumping into the pool when she won her second Golden Globe before it was covered.

You may have noticed that once again Fact or Fiction skipped a week.  I got caught out with the dramas surrounding the Beverly Hills Hotel.  In respect for those trying to boycott the hotel I’ve held back a Fact or Fiction piece.  It’s such a shame because it’s a beauty.

I’m a bit mixed on the boycott though.  I in no way condone the laws enacted by Brunei.  However some people don’t care about boycotts, whether they’re stubborn or too wealthy for it to affect them there could be many reasons.  I would hate to see such an iconic hotel ruined by someone who is not in touch with our society nor cares to be.  Not just that I feel for the staff of the hotels, not necessarily the management but the workers.  I’m sure their owner doesn’t think about them.  Sad.

I also don’t think people should stop the boycott either because then Brunei wouldn’t feel any pressure and continue to do what it wants to do without consequence or second thought.

If only life was simple.

Here’s some reading to catch you up on the issue.


I hope the situation doesn’t last long anyway and it can be quickly resolved.  And hopefully the result will be the right thing morally.  Call me a little cynical but somehow I don’t think so.

On a happy note Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums in the world.  Even you in the UK who celebrated Mothering Sunday in late March.

No one would be here if it wasn’t for our mothers.

xx It Started in LA xx

PS: If you were paying close attention I incorrectly called it the Beverly Hills Hotel pool (obsessed by that place I swear!).  It is actually the Beverly Hilton. Shame on me.  Anyway, it’s erased now there’s no evidence of the mistake :-).


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