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Fox & Friends presenters opinion on gun control
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Open letter to Fox News and Fox & Friends: sack Tucker Carlson & Anna Kooiman

Open letter.

To: Fox News.  Fox & Friends.

Calling for the sacking of your presenters, Tucker Carlson and Anna Kooiman, for their completely un-educated and ill-informed views on one of your shows, Fox & Friends.

Namely for this segment that appeared on Fox and Family on the subject of guns:


It is one thing to have a Presidential candidate spin rhetoric for on-air time but it’s another to have your presenters feigning as journalists rant about an issue so sensitive to a nation.

Sack Tucker Carlson & Anna Kooiman

Tucker Carlson and Anna Kooiman should be sacked because:

  • They are a disgrace to their profession
  • They suggest your station is fronted by an apparent lack of professionals
  • It makes America look like nothing more than a backwater populated by hicks.

Their comments are not just uneducated and ill-informed but they are insensitive and should be reserved for the lunchroom. There is no place for such an amateur discussion on television.

Gun control is a topic that needs to managed with care, sensitivity and knowledge. There is no place for rhetoric or personal ranting. You have a duty to society, the American people and, most importantly, the victims of gun violence to take emotion out of the equation.  Emotion should be saved for the victims not for the people who believe in their own opinions above all others.

Regardless of our personal views on gun control it needs to be debated without the obvious bias and fanaticism that fuels this topic.

Shame on you.

xx It Started in LA xx

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